7 Ways to Keep Your Drink Cold Without Ice


When it’s hot outside, you’ll want your drinks to stay cold. But what if you don’t have any ice handy? Or what if you do, but you don’t like the way it waters down your drink? Don’t worry, there are still plenty of ways to keep your drink cold without ice.

  1. If there’s water nearby like a lake, river, stream or even a swimming pool then you can take advantage of the fact that the water is colder than the air around you. Wrap your drink in a towel or a sock and then submerge it in the cool water. The sock or towel helps to speed up cooling. Be sure to anchor your drink in the water so that it doesn’t get carried away. Leave the drink in the water for about 10 minutes to give it a chance to cool.
  1. If you are at home, simply dunk the drinks in a bucket of cold tap water. Alternately, you can run cold tap water over them for about five minutes – just be sure to save the running water in a bucket for re-use such as watering plants.
  1. Use stainless steel ice cubes instead of regular cubes to keep your drink cold without getting watered down. Often billed as “whiskey stones,” the cubes are made from the same grade stainless steel used in most medical or dental tools. After you use them, simply wash them by hand or in the dishwasher and then toss them back into your freezer. A set of eight costs around $25 and sometimes come packaged with a set of ice tongs. The stainless steel ice cubes also keep your drink colder for a longer period of time than similar, but less expensive, soapstone cubes.
  1. If your drinks are at room temperature, simply dampen a cloth or paper towel, wrap your drinks up and toss them in the freezer for 15 minutes to get frosty cold drinks.
  1. Use frozen grapes instead of ice cubes. Not only will frozen grapes keep your drink cold but they also make a great complement to wines, sangria, and other fruit based drinks either alcoholic or non-alcoholic.
  1. Freeze your glasses. Pop your drink glasses in the freezer for about 30 minutes. They will develop a cold, misty appearance, and will cool your drink the minute you pour it in. Even better, the cold glass feels great on your lips.
  1. Bury canned or bottled drinks in cool, moist soil. Find a shady spot, preferably near the shore of a river or lake. You can also pour water onto the ground to make it moist. Then dig a hole that’s large enough for your drinks. Bury your drinks up to the lid or cap. You might want to leave the top of your drink sticking up a bit so the lid doesn’t get dirty. If you bury them completely be sure to mark the spot so you don’t forget where they are!
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