Types of Beer Glasses


Most beer lovers usually have a collection of beer glasses sitting in a cabinet at their houses. Beer glasses come in a wide range of sizes and shapes. They are often designed to be used for serving specific types of beer. Each of these glasses is designed with unique characteristics, ranging from those that enhance your drink’s color to those that help in preserving your beer’s foam head.

They are used as a mechanism to bring out and deliver your favorite beer’s aroma, color as well as flavor. The type of beer glass you use to take your beer can either break or enhance your overall experience. Some of the most common types of beer glasses include:

1. Pint Glass

This is the most common type of glass around the world and features a simple cone-shaped design. The pint glass is particularly popular in most restaurants and bars mainly due to its durability as well as ease of stacking. They are usually built to last and made from thick glass, which also helps to maintain the low temperatures of your beer. The glass is ideal for serving most beer styles including stouts, lagers, pilsner, IPAs and Ales.

2. Beer Mug

This is a large, sturdy and heavy glass that comes with a handle. It is also available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Among the main reasons why this mug is popular in bars and clubs is that they can hold a large volume of beer and is also easy to drink from. It features a thick glass wall which helps to insulate your beer. Besides the ease of use and providing a firm grip, the handle also protects your beer from your body heat, keeping it cool. The dimpled beer mugs feature decorative characteristics that create attractive reflections and colors.

3. Snifter

This is a stemmed and wide-bowled glass that is often used for tasting cognac and brandy. Its mouth is designed with a tapered design enabling it to capture your drink’s aroma. Its unique shape allows you to not only stir up the volatiles but also swirl your beer, bringing out your brew’s full aroma. Its bowl is capable of holding plenty of beer and is often reserved for brews with strong aromas and flavors such as Belgian Ales, Imperial IPAs as well as Barleywine.

4. Chalice and Goblet

These are large, bowl-shaped and stemmed glasses that are considered to be among the most extravagant beer glasses. The main difference between the chalice and goblet beer glasses is their glass thickness. Goblet is often thinner and more delicate, while a chalice glass is thick walled and heavy. They have a wide mouth, allowing you to take deep sips as you analyze the aroma and flavor profile of your brew. They are commonly used for serving German Bocks, Belgian Ales, Tripel, Dubbel and Berliner Weissbier.

5. Tulip

Tulip glasses feature a tulip shape and are specially designed to maintain and trap your brew’s foam head. The glass also enhances and captures volatiles and even traps the aroma of your beer. It is perfect for aromatic beer types such as IPAs, Strong Ales and Biere de Garde.

These are some of the most popular types of beer glasses that you are likely to come across in most bars and restaurants around the world. Other types include stange glasses, thistles, pilsners, flutes, hourglass, Weizen glass, beer steins as well as the sampler and tasting glasses.

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