The Top Five Russian Drinks


Russia is well known for its high consumption of vodka as well as other alcoholic drinks. Most of these brands are produced locally, and some imported from other countries. With the wide range of alcoholic drinks available in Russia, visitors from all over the world join the locals to try the various Russian drinks. Most people visiting Russia during the winter season enjoy taking vodka as it helps to keep them warm. Some of the top five Russian drinks you should try include:

1. Vodka

The most notable thing about any Russian vodka is its unique character, optimal gastronomic pairs as well as recognizable taste. Each region produces a unique brand of vodka and it is common to see the locals meeting for some shots of vodka before heading home. Russia is globally recognized to have some of the best vodkas. To enhance them, they are usually paired with appetizers or chasers and taken when chilled. Some of the most popular vodka cocktails you should try in Russia include Russian Standard Platinum, Tsarskaya, Beluga, Pyat Ozer Premium and Beloe Zoloto. However, most vodkas are relatively expensive compared to other alcoholic drinks such as wine and beer.

2. Kvas

Kvas is a mildly sweet, non-alcoholic beer that is often available in most bars and restaurants all around Russia. Its production involves fermenting dark rye bread, giving a nearly non-existent alcohol levels of about 0.5 to 1%. This beer was common with farmers who drunk it to quench their thirst and as an alternative to drinking pure water. You can find Kvas in most supermarkets and shops by the 2-litre bottle. It is the ideal refreshment drink for a sunny summer day when the bars and coffee joint are crowded. It is also a cheaper alternative to vodka.

3. Beer

Previously, Russians used the word beer to mean any drink. It was not until in 2011 when beer was categorized as an alcoholic drink. According to statistics, the highest number of alcohol users in Russia drink beer. This is probably because it is not only the easiest drink to find in the stores but also the cheapest among all alcoholic drinks in Russia. Some of the most popular beer brands in Russia include Coors Light, Budweiser, Heineken and Pilsner Urquell.

4. Mors

This is a traditional Russian drink that was made from fermented foxberries or bilberries. The sweet juice-like drink was also made from cranberries. The only difference between Mors and the regular juice is that it’s thicker and may contain some alcohol content, usually 1%. The drink is popular for its delicious taste and is commonly used in cocktails and vodkas to add sweetness and flavor. It is also cheap and a favorite to most locals.

5. Bread Wine

This is a distillate made from fermented rye and produced in a similar process as Calvados and grappa. Rye is used as the raw material due to its sugar content, which is also increased when the grain is malted. To make bread wine, the sprouted rye is infused with yeast and then double distilled. This technology is also used in the production of whiskey from barley. The distilled drink is also further improved through purification processes, and even infused with vegetables and herbs. cognacs, whiskies and whiskeys, martinis, rum, absinthe

These are some of the most popular Russian drinks you must try. Others include Polugar, Olous, Rum, Whiskeys, Absinthe and cognacs.

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