Three Drinks You’ll find in Hawaii


Hawaii is the place where people go to relax, enjoy the sun, walk on the beach, and retire at the poolside at the end of the day. Any island visitor can tell you there are a number of tasty drinks that can appeal to many people that can be found in Hawaii. Finding the best drinks is pretty easy and many people have thrown back a bottle or two of these delicious creations. There are even a couple of people who may want to check a bag or two of their favorite drinks when heading back home from the island.

  • Kona Brewing Company Beer

Beer is probably the last drink people expected to hear on this list, but hear us out before you decide to throw in the towel! This beer holds a surprising treat for anyone’s taste buds. People who are a big fan of beer only have to take one sip to find out why this beer is among one of the island’s favorites. The beer is brewed with passion fruit which gives the beer a tropical sweetness. People with a sweet tooth will love this beer and may be interested in trying Kona’s Pipeline Porter or Fire Rock Pale Ale during their visit.

  • Koloa Rum Company Rum

Rum may not be a huge surprise on this list, but the thing is rum is that it has to be done right the first time. The wrong kind of rum can throw people off the stuff for a long time, but what Hawaiian rum is where it’s done right. There is a distillery in Kauai that makes its own version of rum and has achieved stunning results.

The Hawaiian rum has a refined smoothness to it that often makes people think they’re drinking a mixed drink. The spiced and dark varieties are some of the best tasting rums to find and many people often ask for a second glass. Remember to purchase a bottle or ten when you’re visiting the island so you can enjoy this delicious rum at home.

  • Maui’s Winery Wine

When it comes to wine, how can you go wrong? The idea of wine carries with it a refined taste and romantic atmosphere to it while you relax by the poolside. The unique idea about this wine is that it combines pineapple and wine in the same bottle. The Maui’s Winery creates three unique wines using fresh pineapple juice. The Pineapple Sparkling Wine is widely popular for celebration occasions, but many people are still a fan of the Maui Sweet and Maui Blanc.

Each of these drinks can be found (and drunk!) right in Hawaii. You’ll probably want to try a few drinks and maybe bring a bag or two home of your favorites.

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