The Three Best Types of Alcoholic Candies


Take your party to the next level with these alcohol-infused candies; just remember to card your guests before offering these treats! These can also be a great party food for adults only soirée or a homemade grown-up Christmas gift that your friends and family will love. If you never even heard of alcoholic candies, you are in luck because we are going to share three of the best alcoholic candies based on our experiences. Alcoholic candies are big in Europe for the holidays and you can choose from liquor-infused or liquor-filled concoctions or favorite candies like chocolate soaked in alcohol. Champagne truffles are also a popular European Christmas treat.

#1 – Cordially Yours

One of the earliest and still a big favorite among alcoholic candies is chocolate cherry cordials and not the popular Christmas treats we know now, which is a chocolate coated cherry filled with a sweet syrup. The original, and still available, cherry cordial is filled with alcohol versus the syrup and originated in America. The word “cordial” referred to a strong liqueur made by crushing cherries, pit and all, and soaking them in a mixture of a heavy sugar syrup and alcohol. For the most part, cordial is used much like grenadine, to add flavor to mixed drinks but for the chocolate treats, pitted cherries are cooked briefly in alcohol before being stored.

#2 – Truffles

In this case we are speaking not of the highly-prized fungus that grows underground beside the mighty oaks and commands hundreds of thousands of dollars per ounce, but of the dessert variety which is typically made from chocolate ganache coated in the bakers choice of cocoa powder, chopped nuts or chocolate and is round, cone-shaped or curved. There are dozens of truffle types, but the over 21 crowd can look forward to the added something from the liquor cabinet. For example, Cabernet Chocolate Truffles are made using both milk and dark chocolate, heavy cream and your favorite cabernet sauvignon and coated with sprinkles. Divine!

Or, if bourbon is more your style, try Easy Chocolate Bourbon Truffles, made with semi-sweet chocolate morsels, vanilla, and bourbon and rolled in chopped pecans. The recipe calls for two tablespoons of bourbon, but you can cut back on the vanilla and add more if you like.

#3 – Drunken Vodka Gummy Bears

These may seem a bit lowbrow, but don’t knock it until you try it; just don’t serve them at the next princess tea party. These are all grown up bears so you can serve these in the peanut bowls on the bar instead. This is a simple treat to make; it just needs a little time, and you can use any gummies, not just bears. Put your gummies in a small bowl and fill it up with the alcohol of your choice. This does not have to be refrigerated, just let the bears soak until all of the alcohol has been absorbed.

Depending on the treat and the amount of alcohol is what determines the punch. Gummy bears, like Jell-o shooters, can pack a punch if consumed in large quantities but the truffles require far more because the alcohol content is much less by weight. Spice up your next dessert with a splash of spirits.

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