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Chasers are soft, non-alcoholic drinks taken with or after a hard liquor such as vodka or wine. Besides making a stop at the liquor store to buy your liquor, it is recommended that you also get a chaser. Drink chasers help to kill the alcoholic aftertaste and smell. There is a wide range of chasers to choose from, depending on the type of drink you are chasing.

There are those chasers that should be used with vodka, while others are perfect with whiskey. Some chasers are also used to enhance the taste of your drink, allowing you to enjoy your night to the fullest. Most people who drink hard liquor prefer to immediately take a sip of their chaser to get rid of the liquor’s taste in their mouth.

Drink chasers are designed for those people who like getting drunk but dislike the taste of alcohol. Some of the most popular drink chasers include:


In comparison to other popular drink chasers, water is considered to be the best as well as the healthiest to take with your alcoholic drink. Pure water or Alkaline Water is free from the negative health qualities such as sugar and other additives. Besides, it helps to keep your body hydrated. As you increase the amount of alcohol you drink, your body dehydrates and this can lead to a nasty hangover in the morning after. Water hydrates your body and prevents the severe symptoms of a hangover.

It sounds absurd, but seriously, give water a try. It has a way of balancing out the bitterness of a drink – no matter the alcohol type.

Another benefit of using water as a drink chaser is that it is a cheaper and readily available alternative, especially tapped water. In addition, it is also easier to clean when spilled than most colored chasers such as soda and juice.

However, most people dislike using water as their chaser due to its flat taste, unlike other chasers such as juice that leaves your mouth with a pleasant taste.

100% Fruit Juice

Juice is among the most common drink chasers around the world, used mainly due to its overpowering taste and flavor. Fruit juice works well with a wide range of alcoholic drinks and popular with those seeking to have fun and get drunk without suffering the taste of their drinks.

With the huge variety of fruit juices to choose from, you can always find the right juice for your liquor. For those who enjoy drinking vodka, you can chase it with nearly all types of tasty juices available. More on that later in this article.

According to experts, strong juice such as grape juice does not work well with most hard liquors, while cran-strawberry juice is a great whiskey chaser. Besides the overpowering flavor, fruit juice carries numerous health benefits including supplying the body with plenty of natural sugars and vitamins, essential in the prevention of a hangover.


Unlike the natural pure fruit juice, the different types of sodas contain specific ingredients designed to give a particular flavor or taste. Every soda type has its benefits when used as a chaser. For instance, going for a caffeine free soda can help to minimize the symptoms of a hangover, while Sprite and Ginger Ale works best with all types of alcoholic drinks.

Diets variants are also great alternatives due to their low sugar content. Most people also prefer to take their whiskey with lemon-lime soda.

These chasers are the standard chasers that are the most readily available both in home and at your nearest convenient store.

Without any further ado, let’s take a look at how one might pair up their favorite alcohols with mixers that you might, or might not, have thought of.

Best Chasers For Each Kind Of Alcohol

Best Chasers For Tequila

We’ve all had that experience. You know, the one where you wake up and think – never again will I drink tequila like that. Okay, maybe that is just me. In any event, if you aren’t taking shot after shot in some self proclaimed need to celebrate, then you have some options when it comes to mixers.

Any lime related drink won’t steer you wrong. Think lime infused La Croix or the like. If you’re not looking to hydrate when you dehydrate, then you can always pull out the more nostalgic Sprite. Ginger ale will do the trick for you as well.

We’ve been told if you wear a sombrero when you drink tequila, you can yell out ARRIBA! as your chaser too. Maybe that is just hearsay though.

Best Chasers For Vodka

If you’re looking to keep the calories low, then Vodka is a good drink of choice. The more you move away from the top shelf, the more you know you’re drinking vodka. Don’t worry, there are many chasers out there that will cut the taste in that perfect way. Some of the staples are sprite, orange juice, cranberry juice. That said, you can get away with most any flavored water or soft drink. Juices with their tanginess naturally get along well and can be perfect drink companions as well.

Best Chasers For Whiskey

Whiskey is certainly a polarizing conversation, true to it’s prohibition roots. You either love it or can’t stand to look at it. Soft drinks like Coke and Dr. Pepper are some easy suggestions. The one that you have to try if you have not is pickle juice. Legit. Pickle juice. It is a southern thing more than anything else, but as the culinary revolution continues to expand to different cities, you just might see it on the menu. Don’t pass it up.

Best Chasers For Hennessy

Sippin’ on Gin and Juice is a song lyric that comes to mind most times Hennessy is brought out. Although, let’s be honest, more likely than not, the gin used there was most likely a few shelves down. Tonic, Ginger Ale are common pairings. If you are taking straight shots of Hennessy then you need to take a step back and ask yourself why you are doing that. Just sip it – like the song suggests!

Best Chasers For Rum

It’s tough to think about rum without thinking of sailors swaying their canteens as the boat wish washes back and forth. If you don’t think of that than maybe Captain Morgan will do the trick. In any event, coke is going to be an easy answer here. If you’re making a dark and stormy with some dark rum, then ginger beer is the ticket.

Oh, have you tried whiskey with fruit punch?

Best Chasers For Alcohol

Overall, if you have water, fruit juice, or soda, then you will be all set as you head into the night. so whether you are looking for the best chaser for tequila, best chaser for vodka, whiskey, Hennessy, or rum, the main purpose of having a drink chaser with your liquor is to allow you to enjoy your night without the worry of an alcoholic taste or smell in your mouth. Choosing the right chaser for your drink is essential as it will also help to prevent hangover as well as the feeling of nausea experienced after heavy drinking.

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