The Best Beers for the Health Conscious Individual


If you have a passion for beer, but you also like to stay healthy and in shape, then you might find yourself conflicted at times. Beer gets some bad press for being laden with empty calories, and then there’s the fact that too much of a good thing could actually damage vital organs in your body. So what do you do if you want to enjoy beer, but you don’t want the guilt or the health risks that can come from drinking alcohol?

Up until this point, you may have thought that you didn’t have too many options. Actually… you do! There are healthier beer choices available, and provided you drink in moderation, these could be the best choices for your active lifestyle.

Guinness – An Irish Classic

Guinness is well known throughout the world. In fact, it’s one of Ireland’s most famous exports. Guinness is thick, with rich flavors and aromas, but it’s often misrepresented as a ‘heavy’ beer. The truth is that Guinness is actually a better option than most lagers, IPAs, and other beers on the market. Inside a pint serving there’s only 126 calories.

Light Beer

The average tap and bottled beer approaches around 5% alcohol by volume, and as you might know, alcohol is where most of the calories in beer come from. If you want to reduce your caloric intake while still enjoying beer, then opt for a lighter beer. Beers that are closer to 4% in strength will be better for you from a nutritional standpoint, and the reduced alcohol content actually makes them better health choices.

Try a Specialty beer

Most beer is simple, with just a handful of basic ingredients like water, hops, yeast, and malt. However, there are some beers that incorporate other ingredients, sometimes for their flavor, and sometimes for the health benefits. Take He’Brew Rejewvenator, made by the Shmaltz Brewing Company. It’s a beer that contains real grape juice, offering all of the antioxidant benefits that grapes can provide. If you want to try something that is healthful and that has bold flavor, then the He’Brew beer would be a great option.

Ginger Brewed Beer

Ginger is a root that can have benefits that range from curing vertigo, to settling the stomach, and even aiding in weight loss. It can also help with inflammation, which means that it should be a pretty good ingredient inside beer. Right? Well with Good JuJu from Left Hand Brewing, you can try a beer that is brewed with fresh ginger. Not only does this make the beer more healthful, but it gives it a great flavor that is not too far from non-alcoholic ginger beer. It’s a refreshing brew that would be great for summer afternoons.

As you can see, not every bottle of beer is nutritionally void. You might have to look around for some of the more unique beers on the market, but the search will be worth it. You’ll be rewarded with new and refreshing flavors, and you’ll feel better about what you’re putting inside your body.

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