Sports Season Is Here!


We’re getting into fall, and while the temperatures are cooling down, sports season is really heating up! Think about it – College and pro football are in FULL swing, the NBA and NHL just started their seasons, the Cubs and Indians are in the World Series…It’s INSANE!

We have to admit that we like to enjoy our vices here – in moderation of course! Once the fall rolls around every year, that means, for me at least, getting a little action in on all the sports. Let me tell you, there’s nothing like sitting in front of your computer with a tall glass of this – pogues

and heading over to Netbet Sports.

I know what some of my American readers are thinking – “Sports betting!?! Ugh, what a degenerate!” But did you know that your cousins across the pond have been betting on sports with very few restrictions since 1960? They know it’s no different from having a beer down at the bar – it’s fine in moderation. In fact, there are lots of benefits too. The BBC estimates that gambling on football (soccer) alone is a billions-of-dollars a year industry, which when legalized means big tax money.

And have I mentioned how fun prop bets are? Seriously – go find the most ridiculous prop bets you can and put some money down! You’ve never had so much fun timing a national anthem, waiting for a player to sneeze, or listening for a particular turn of phrase from your least favorite announcer. I could die happy if I were only allowed to make prop bets from here on out.

Just remember, folks – I want to re-iterate – Make sure you enjoy anything you find on our website IN MODERATION. Whether it’s alcohol, expensive vacations, decadent foods, or sports gambling, the best things in life are best enjoyed sparingly.


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