Four Ways to Make Cheap Liquor Taste Better


Cheap liquor is often the go to for people looking to enjoy a good evening with friends without having to spend a fortune to enjoy a decent drink. The only downside is that with a lower cost is that the quality of taste to decline. The big question is whether this is actually true or not? While cheap liquor may seem like a sacrifice when it comes to taste, there are a few ways to make those cheap drinks taste a whole lot better.

  • Throw Your Wine into the Blender

We know this sounds bizarre, but you may have heard of people letting their wine ‘breathe’. This is called aerating the wine and is a process that triggers evaporation and oxidization. When the wine is exposed to air some of the less then amazing tasting compounds that can be found in wine will begin to dissipate. The burn of the alcohol vapor also evaporates during this process too. Liquor can go through this same process, but doesn’t have very good results.

The best way to do this is just to dump your bottle of chosen wine into the blender, cover, and blend for about half a minute. Once the wine settles you can pour yourself a glass and enjoy.

  • Place Vodka in the Freezer

This is a probably an old tip many people have heard before, but storing vodka in the freezer can help it to taste better. Storing vodka in the freezer gives it silkier and rich taste when it’s consumed. The reason this happens is because when vodka is cold it releases fewer aromatic compounds and volatile tastes. This helps the vodka to be more flavorless and can be used in mixed drinks.

  • Pour Vodka Through a Charcoal Filter

This idea has been tested on MythBusters and has been discussed about by a lot of people ever since it happened. While filtering cheap vodka is not going to magically make it taste like the highest end product, the taste will be a lot better. The theory goes that by running vodka through a charcoal or coffee filter helps to strip away aromas and flavors that taste bad. You can try this out for yourself, but you may not want to freeze your vodka before trying out this tip.

  • Infuse Your Liquor

Infused drinks always taste a little better and more expensive. There’s nothing better tasting then your own house made, infused drink that’s unique to your home. You can use a few cheap ingredients to spice up a less then taste bottle into something that actually tastes pretty amazing. You can buy herbs, cucumber, and even chai tea to add some extra flavoring to your drink. Just toss in your chosen flavors and give your drink a shake once a day to keep the flavors infused.

We hope you follow these tips and enjoy improving your cheap liquor!

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