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Alcoholic beverages come in all strengths and flavors, but perhaps there is none quite as famous for strength as Everclear Grain Alcohol. With a ridiculously strong ABV rating of 95%, this is not an alcohol for the faint of heart. In fact, this is not an alcohol that anyone in their right mind would drink neat. It is flammable, and is clearly labelled with a warning that it is not for consumption – unless mixed with other non-alcoholic drinks.

Let’s take a look at the facts of this famous distilled spirit, and find out if there’s a place for it in your liquor cabinet.

Everclear is Relatively High in Calories

You would think that being a clear spirit, Everclear would be low in calories. The opposite is true, as pure alcohol can add quite a few calories to your diet, and being one of the purest spirits around, Everclear actually contains around 190 calories per ounce. Combine that with whatever you mix it with, and you’re left with a fairly calorie-rich drink.

Everclear is Sometimes Used to Strengthen Port

Port is a type of wine that perople either love or hate, but it has plenty of fans around the world. Some people seek to strengthen the alcoholic content in port, and Everclear is one of the best ways to do it. Everclear will raise the ABV of port without impacting the base flavor, making it the perfect additive.

There are Two Varieties of Everclear

Although most people are familiar with the 190 proof, 95% ABV version of Everclear, there’s actually a reduced strength version available. At 151 proof, the lighter version could be a better option if you want to mix drinks that are more forgiving. After all, if you mix the standard version with even a little too much in the glass, you’re going to be left with an extremely potent drink.

Everclear has Influenced Pop Culture

The post-grunge band Everclear takes its name directly from the alcoholic drink. One of the band members even referred to the drink as ‘pure, white evil’, in reference to the seemingly harmless appearance of the drink (it looks just like vodka or gin). Songs by a number of artists directly reference the drink, and Texas group Geto Boys even have a song talking about how one member lost an eye after drinking Everclear.

Perfect for Cocktails

There are virtually endless cocktail combinations that can be made with Everclear, and if you have a recipe that calls for vodka or gin, then you can be confident that you can replace either with this high strength grain alcohol. Orange juice is a particularly popular mixer, as other fruit juices like cranberry, lemon, pineapple, and apple.

Think you’re brave enough to try the strongest grain liquor in the world? Just remember to measure and mix your drinks carefully, and don’t be fooled by the unassuming appearance.

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