Fat Julian Beer – One Drink You Should Never Pass Up


Stout is one of the world’s most popular beers, and if you’re into unique brews, then this is an excellent beer to start tasting. There are stouts that are produced all over the world, with one of the most famous being Guinness Irish Stout.

The problem is that for many, Guinness is too well known, which means that the flavor is enjoyable, but no longer exciting. If you want to taste a beer that is completely unique and that will offer you new varieties of flavor, then you absolutely have to try the Fat Julian Imperial Stout from The Actual Brewing Co.

Produced in Ohio in the United States, this beer is fairly easy to find in North America, and is even exported around the world. It is quite strong for a stout, with a 10% alcohol by volume rating, but this doesn’t take anything away from the complexity of the flavor, or the enjoyment that you will get from this particular brew.

How Good is Fat Julian

The name gives you some indication of what kind of beer is inside. The beer is big, bold, and full of flavor. If you’re not used to a heavier stout, then this beer will surely be a challenge to drink. However, the reward is definitely worth it. The roasted ingredients give it a delicious and mouth filling flavor, with elements of dark chocolate and leather. You will pick up some coffee on the palate, as well as caramel.

Depending on your experience with stout, you may pick up your own interpretations of the ingredients, but there’s no doubt that this beer pours a glass full of awesome flavor. The carbonation might not be what you’re used to if you’re a lager drinker, and there’s a definite creaminess to the finish.

All About The Actual Brewing Co.

The company that brews Fat Julian Imperial Stout is based in Columbus Ohio, and provides beer to hundreds of stores and establishments around the state. They supply both domestically and internationally. Aside from Fat Julian, some of their other popular beers are Curiosus Berliner Weisse, a German style beer, and Elektron Amber Ale, a highly popular beer with a lively flavor.

Compared to the largest breweries, The Actual Brewing Co. produces beer in small quantities, but this only adds to the exclusivity and quality of their brews. If you’re in Ohio, they even have a tap room where you can enjoy their creations almost as soon as they are brewed. The taproom is open Wednesday through to Sunday, so if you’re in Columbus you should make sure that you pay them a visit.

Fat Julian is definitely a beer that you don’t want to miss, and it’s worth seeking out in a bar or a store near you.

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